Made In The USA – From New Zealand to Maine

Made in the USA is important. Finally have 3 years we can proudly say that about Efex.

In February of 2014 we received our first shipment of Efex from New Zealand. A lot has changed and we have grown tremendously. Two years on the journey continues in ways we never dreamed of.

It was early 2014 sharing a glass of wine with our friend, New Zealand artist Margret Wolley’s, that I uttered these simple words… “Margret what a lovely mirror, where did you find it?”

Her answer surprised me, “I made it dear.” She then proceeded to leave the room. When she returned she had a brown paper grocery bag filled with little latex bits. “I used these!”

I was enthralled! By the time we left New Zealand, we were the sole distributors for Efex Decorative Moldings. The adventure had begun.


The mirrors that started it all are stunning. Notice there is another one in the reflection. You can see more of Margret Wooly’s Efex Art here.

It was no surprise that our first Efex project was a mirror. February of 2014 after a hectic week unpacking all the Efex. We took a break from all the bagging and tagging to finally create and see what these latex pieces could do. We chose this lovely large mirror to adorn with some scrolly corners and pediments. (C45 corners and P13 pediments)


Today this mirror sits in our home. It brings a smile to my face every time I walk by.

This year we took the ultimate plunge purchasing the manufacturing side of Efex and moving production to the USA. As of this month, our two year anniversary of distributing Efex, we can officially say our moldings are made In Maine.

The adventure continues!


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