Planning painting, photographing … and a little cleaning.

Planning new Efex projects and painting is so fun. It’s my “happy place”. All day today I was in my “happy place” painting, planning new uses for Efex and photographing current project.

It started out as a cleaning day, the barn AKA the workshop was a MESS.  By the time the day was done I felt like a lot had been accomplished.

Messy Barn

First, cleaning the barn.  It was so full of different projects and the new finds from my auction last week that I could barely move. Finding anything seemed impossible. Then I planned three new projects from those wonderful auction finds, Like this lovely rill top secretary desk.

Rill Top Desk

Next up, making demo boards. We’re working on new painting techniques and organized the latest round of new molds that we will be starting on soon. The sample boards are focusing on layering paint for a soft Scandinavian look.


Finally, the camera went into high gear getting photos of some of the custom paint work that was recently finished.


Don’t you just love this slant top desk? Simple straight Old White with a wax finish. Nothing ornate, no gold, we just added an R77 and a pair of SC7. As an aside did you know that you can decoupage the center of R77 to add even more interest.


We also finished this lovely tall cupboard for the same custom client. Two pairs of SC14  surround a small ceiling medallion. We then added three round rosettes to the drawers. the cabinet is painted in Country Grey by Annie Sloan.


Finally, I went out to take photo’s of the house and the lilacs


We’re working on some big project right now, and also working on more tutorial that will include more ways to get a great patina on your Efex. But… I need to finish them first. That’s all for now.

xoxoxo Lydia


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