New Escutcheons

The Great Key Hole Cover Up

Those pesky keyholes often get in the way of a great paint job. Or some times we just want to spice things up. Now we have three new ways to cover up or add to your spice factor. These are the three embellishments that we found shopping in New Orleans.

Our new escutcheons are ready.

So… meet E4, E6, and E7… Sorry, it’s hard to give names to Escutcheon. πŸ™‚


E4 $6.00 2.35” X .75”

Is a wonderful Art Deco piece. Something that would be great to upscale Ikea or mid-century modern.


E6 $6.00 2.10” X .90”

Is a dainty sideways keyhole great for small pieces



E7 $8.00 1.75” X 1.25”

Is also a sideways keyhole but more ornate than E6.

Please feel free to share

XOXO Lydia

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