Welcome to Efex

Welcome to Efex

Welcome to Efex

Welcome to Efex. Join Samantha and Lydia and view some of the great projects we have done to inspire and teach you how to apply Efex bendable moldings.

How-To with Efex™: Mora Clock Revamp

How-To with Efex™: Mora Clock Revamp

Mora Clock Revamp: The Luxe Look for Less with Efex™

The object of our furniture love today is a Mora clock. Sadly not an antique, but a great reproduction. This video will show you how to use one simple Efex, an F28 frame, to style your clock for an elegant Swedish Look.

Fit for a king or queen, but simple enough to be seen in an chic country home. Any of the round frames would easily work to add style and class to these curvaceous clocks.

How-To with Efex™: Tables

How-To with Efex™: Tables

Tables:Transforming Plain into Perfection with Efex™

Add charm and character to an an otherwise plain table. Efex™ Swag trims and Efex™ made specifically to adorn table legs are great for adorning the skirts and legs of tables. They add just a touch of sophistication, don’t you think?

How-To with Efex™: Trumeau Mirror

How-To with Efex™: Trumeau Mirror

Adding an Efex™ to Your Custom Trumeau Mirror

Samantha shows us how to use Efex™ Bendable Latex Moldings to decorate a custom Trumeau Mirror. What is a Trumeau Mirror, you ask? Inspired by window frames from the late 19th century collected during his world travels, designer David Thompson reimagined the classic architectural forms in our distinctive mirror frame. We just love them.

As a bonus… Make sure to visit the Efex Blog to find out how to make your own Trumeau Mirror from start to finish!
Easy Do It Yourself Trumeau Mirror with Efex: efexusa.com/easy-diy-trumeau-mirror-with-efex/

How-To with Efex™: Lamps

How-To with Efex™: Lamps

Lamps: Drab to Fab with Efex™

Join Samantha, head DIY Diva, and discover how to make any lamp fabulous by applying Efex™ Bendable Latex Moldings.

Classic Mantel

Classic Mantel

This mantel from Sarah Richardson is so classic. By mixing some rosettes and legs you can get the same look with Efex.

File Cabinets?

File Cabinets?

When file cabinets come to mind you often think boring, boring, boring. They’re that awful, muted, beige that goes with nothing. Enter Efex to take your style up a notch…


Our first inspiration comes from Pinterest, and shows how you can just add bows to the file cabinets to instantly add style. This set from Bella Decor retails for $1,095. To get this look just add our bows, paint white, and wow!

We recommend B 1, B 7, or B 21. Use four of one style and you have instant shabby chic file cabinets. If you have room you can also add your favorite swag to the top and bottom.

Luxe for Less, plain and simple.


Imagine a glass top over these two and you have a fun desk. If you started with file cabinets that were in good shape, like these from Pottery Barn’s Bedford Collection (which sell for $400 each), you could gild the bows and skip the painting step.


Should we try this in our office? It has an old Pottery Barn desk in need of style!


Another great idea this one from Home Talk, and shows a file cabinet going glam with gold paint.

But hey, you can get this look with 3 frames, F 19.


Just apply and paint gold, or use gilding wax. Bingo! You have instant file storage glam.

This sample board shows what these frames would look like on a dresser. Why not try navy blue if gold isn’t your style?


To see all of our appliqué designs sign up today for a full catalog.

Dream On.

Lydia and The Efex Team

Country Clocks

Country Clocks

Today we’re introducing our second video in our series “How to Apply Appliques”.  The object of our furniture love today is a Mora clock. Sadly not an antique, but a great reproduction. This video will show you how to use one simple Efex, an F28 frame, to style your clock for an elegant Swedish Look.

Adding Patina

Adding Patina

3 Ways To Add Patina to Efex

Reinventing old furniture is often all about the patina.

Over the last year we have found many ways to add elegant old world charm to pieces dressed-up with Efex.

The obvious one is using gilding wax/foil/leaf to add glitz, but…thats not the only way.

Golden shell

Dark wax over paint was used on this Christmas ornament. Yes, that time of year is coming up!


You can add crud (sawdust by another name) and then layers of paint.

Roman Shell

or make them marble for a sophisticated twist.


How you finish your Efex pieces often dictates their style. Even the most elegant and ornate embellishments will look rustic when painted or stained with country colors.

So go on, experiment with different colors and finishes!

Elegant French Bedside Table

Elegant French Bedside Table

Elegant French Bedside Table

This elegant French style bedside table is another great before and after from one of our retailers, Peintre de Illusions.

Johanne is our Efex distributor in Montreal, Quebec Canada, and she is also a gifted artist with mixed media and paint. She started with a sturdy but very brown chest.

Nice simple lines, just not too exciting or chic.image1-1

She applied Efex scrolls SC05 to the drawers…

Efex Scrolls

Then painted the entire chest in Chalk Paint® Old White…

Painting with Chalk Paint®

and then added a second coat of French Linen using a dry brush technique.

French Style Nightstand in Chalk Paint

The effect is stunning a lovely elegant chest fit for any room in the house. Check out these other great projects that Johanne has done with Efex. Like these great books, and this other great side table.

Glamorous Barn Door

Glamorous Barn Door

A Glamorous Barn Door

Rustic barn style is all glamed up and wow, it is a great combination.

I found this picture on Tumblr, and just fell in love love love. The sliding door and barn style hardware give it a great country vibe. The addition of the wood carvings takes it to a whole new level.

This would be easy to do with some of our Efex.

I am thinking a frame and some scrolls would give you a very similar look.

Remember, you don’t have to paint your Efex. You could just as easily stain them for a wood look.

Elegant Entry Way

Elegant Entry Way

Elegant Entry Way